The Museum has a relatively small but interesting collection of postal items, ie distributors’ leather mail bags, bicycles and motorcycles, trumpets, mailboxes, a number of postage stamps, etc. Given that the Post Office in Greece as well as the telephone service, one can see telephone and postal devices but also more everyday (eg watches) with the then three tau signal (TTT).
Typical objects are e.g. the JAWA Mustang 50cc (M23) motorcycle, made in Czechoslovakia in 1979, used by postal distributors in the province. Also characteristic is the desktop manual letter stamping machine made in Oslo in 1965 by Krag Maskinfabrikk.
The first automatic letter stamping machines were invented in Norway by the engineer Karl Uchermann and produced by Krag Maskinfabrikk in the early 20th century.
One of the most historical objects of the Museum is the large metal box for storing values ​​of the beginning of the 19th century. attributed to Ioannis Kapodistrias. It has a shield on the front and a lock on the top. Inside the lock cover there is an engraved representation with floral motifs and the initial letter “K”.