The Philatelic and Postal Museum was founded in 1978 and is housed in the building at the junction of Stadiou Square and Fokianou Street, right next to the Panathinaiko Stadium (Kallimarmaro). The establishment and operation of the Philatelic and Postal Museum was a long-standing request of the Hellenic Post Office and especially of the philatelic community. The project eventually received state support in 1966. It was 1970 (the year the Hellenic Post Organization was founded) when a major effort began, which included collecting and sorting museum material along with researching the appropriate location to house the museum. The solution was finally given by the home donors Nia and Andrea Strato. In 1977, the building, which houses the Museum until today, was donated and began operating under the supervision of the Hellenic Post.
Thus, the Philatelic and Postal Museum started its operation on October 30, 1978 as a branch of ELTA. With the intention of the government for the privatization of ELTA, it was initially decided to include the Museum in the Ministry of Development and Transport with the establishment of a special Service. Today it  reports to the Ministry of Digital Governance.
The work of the Philatelic and Postal Museum is the collection, preservation, maintenance, exhibition and promotion of the philatelic treasures and Postal objects of the country. The responsibilities of the Philatelic and Postal Museum are related to the recording, study, research, documentation, maintenance, acquisition, publication, promotion and storage of exhibits, archival material and items (objects, stamps, books).