Let’s discover together the wonderful world of stamps,

  • browse the philatelic and postal collections of the Museum
  •  get acquainted with rare series of anniversary stamps
  • see illustrations made by great Greek Engravers
  • get to know the Olympic stamp series 
  • play, draw and participate in interactive question quizzes.
  • How were the first letters sent ?
  • By what means did the first postmen travel, how was the distribution of mail ?
  • How are stamps designed and printed ? Which is their history and themes ?
  • How was philately born and how can one create a stamp collection?

The answers to all these will be given to the visitors at the Philatelic and Postal Museum.

The following educational programs are carried out for school groups:

A΄ and B΄ primary school: «Letters and Stamps»

C΄, D΄ primary school και A΄ Gymnasium : «Ancient gods and heroes on stamps»

E΄, F΄ primary school και B΄, C΄ Gymnasium : «From the paperworkers and the Tatars to the modern post office»  

Children discover with the help of audiovisual material, the way of handling mail, the history of post offices and stamps. Historical figures, events and images come to life through stamps. These small works of art that travel around the world, depict ancient gods and heroes, protagonists of ’21, Byzantine monasteries and castles, mountains and rivers, flora and fauna, art but also technology, games and the fairy tales that fascinate young and old. Through experiential games, students play roles that will help them understand the importance of postal communications as well as the collective work required to design and produce a stamp.

Duration : A΄ and B΄ primary school one hour (1:00′ h), while for the older classes one hour and thirty minutes (1:30′ h).

It is necessary to arrange a guided tour for your visit on the contact numbers of the Museum.