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The Stamp of January


1 January 1897

Stamp of the year 1997, class of 50 drachmas from the Commemorative Edition for the Greek Film Comedians

Design – adjustment: M. Vardopoulou                   

Printing: Offset Lithography “Al. Matsoukis”

Colours: Multicolor

Size: 35 x 27 mm

Perforation: 13 x 13¼  

Print Run: 1.000.000

First day of release: 17 December 1997


Georgia Vassiliadou (maiden name Athanassiou) was born in the Kypseli district of Athens on New Year’s Eve in 1897. She was forced to leave school to help support her family financially. She studied vocal music at Gennadio School, and in 1922 she made her first artistic appearance as a choir at the Lyric Theater of Greece. She collaborated with the most famous theatrical troupes of the time, such as Kyveli, Marika Kotopouli, Emilios Veakis and Dimitris Myrat.

In the mid-thirties, she receded from the world of entertainment and came back in 1939 by the writer’s invitation – director Alekos Sakellarios to participate in the comedy “Girls of Marriage”.

She evolved into one of the most cosmopolitan comedians, the “most beautiful ugly” of Greek cinema, who managed to convey that a person should be judged by his inner charm, kindness, the greatness of soul and not by his external appearance. Until the late ’60s, she starred in many comedies and formed her troupe.

She died on February 12, 1980, and was buried in the First Cemetery of Athens.